Paris at Sunset from the Eiffel Tower

Ein Bild, geschossen im Mai 2012 auf dem Eiffelturm bei Sonnenuntergang und Blick über die Stadt. Über das gesamte Bild legt sich der Schattenwurf des riesigen Turms aus Stahl.

This picture was shot in Mai 2012 on the top of the Eiffel Tower at sunset withview over the city. The shadow of the huge Building is spreading over the picture ans the city of love.

Paris with Shadow of the Eiffeltower

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  1. This is stunning! i’ve been to the eiffel tower (in 2008) and i took lots of pictures and I definitely don’t have one like this! i’ll definitely have to go back at sunset… the light and the shadows are so cool and i can feel the vibe through the photo


  2. That’s a really awesome click!


  3. I like your artistic eye. Thanks for pointing out the shadow. It’s your interpretation of what you ‘see’ that’s really interesting.


  4. Wow- absolutely stunning!!


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