Rainy Paris

Das Bild zeigt durch Zufall eine kleine Hommage und lehnt sich an das Beatles Cover Abbey Road (auch wenn es leider nur drei Personen sind, gleichen die Regenschirme dieses Defizit leicht wieder aus). Wenn man versucht, einen perfektes Foto ohne Beiwerk zu schießen, ergeben zufällig durchs Bild laufende Menschen im Nachhinein manchmal ein tolles Beiwerk.

The Picture shows through a coincidence a little Hommage to the Beatles Cover Abbey Road. When you are trying to get a clear perfect shot, sometimes random people can be a great feature in retrospect.



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  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    Beautiful shot of the Eiffel Tower and those people with umbrellas walking in a straight line. Lovely cloud cover. Great timing, great click and wonderfully composed.


  2. Liesbet says:

    You are so right: the people make this photo even better. I should follow your guidance and try not to avoid people in all my shots in the future. Love the Abbey Road resemblance!


  3. Wow ! Your photographs are amazing; this one , the New York Windows , dancing house . Fantastic composition but more than that ,the feeling they inspire.


  4. Dangerspouse says:

    I agree – it’s a wonderful shot. Just shows that no matter how hackneyed the subject, a skilled photographer can make it seem fresh again. Well done!


  5. Je taime! Is that the right phrase?


    1. streetbiter says:

      I am not an French expert but it seems to be right! 😉


  6. Insach says:

    I love the perspective. The contrast is amazing.. the clouds were with you that day haha. For the little bit of Deutsch that I know… das ist wunderbar!! 😛


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