Take a walk through the City of Colombo – Sri Lanka

Its hot, its huge, its loud, its overcrowded, its old, its modern, smoggy, restless, colorful, filthy and lovely at the same time. I went to Colombo by bus, and it takes some time to come in because of the huge traffic –  masses of tuk tuks, trucks, busses and cars who try to snake their way through the overfilled streets in and out the (inofficial) capital of Sri Lanka. You can realize and feel nearly every of this 2.5 million of the Colombo district citizens when come through this traffic chaos. But it pays when you stop, step out the bus or train or tuk tuk or whatever and familiarize with the warm, dusty and smoggy climate and the tons of people and tuk tuks everywhere. You can watch a pulsating, fast growing city with historical flair, modern architecture and an impressive skyline in the making. Get in touch with the tousands of shops, bazars, restaurants and traders, impressive and also shabby buildings. See mosques, hinduism and buddhism temples or churches on every second corner and notice the influences of portuguese, dutch and british folks on the cityscape. Or just go for a walk and enjoy the structered Chaos. If you get lost in the struggle- feel free to ask every citizen, they surely will help you to  get whereever you want to go.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks for the virtual tour. I have been to India but not to Sri Lanka but there seems to be quite a lot of similarities. (Suzanne)


  2. Really enjoyed your post and your layout is very nice 🙂


    1. streetbiter says:

      Thank you Penpowersong!


  3. This is such a great post about Sri Lanka! The photos are amazing!


  4. margaret21 says:

    Thanks for the tour!


  5. TheAllNewWe says:

    Enjoying your posts and photography. Thanks for exposing me to some places I may not have an opportunity to have experienced otherwise.


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