Elbphilharmony – Hamburg

The new Philharmony of Hamburg, as seen from the other side of the Elbe, straight in front of the Stage Musical Theater (The Lion King).  After years of development and construction process, its finished since a few months and adapts perfectly in its city environment.

Take a walk through the City of Colombo – Sri Lanka

Its hot, its huge, its loud, its overcrowded, its old, its modern, smoggy, restless, colorful, filthy and lovely at the same time. I went to Colombo by bus, and it takes some time to come in because of the huge traffic –  masses of tuk tuks, trucks, busses and cars who try to snake their…

Bremen at Night 

Local Shot yesterday on a bridge over the river Weser with view on the christmas market and the Alexander von Humboldt (the ship from the Becks TV commercial). As you can see it was a beautiful color compilation with the fog and the mirrowing of the lights on the water.

Tracks Stop

Ein Geflecht aus strukturiert unstrukturierten Stahl bahnt sich seinen Weg Richtung Bahnhof.