Into the Wild (Sri Lanka)

Actually, the german tv programm is torturing us with the tv show jungle camp and a lot of c, d, and maybe also z celebrities (peoples we have never seen or even heard before and hopefully will never see or hear again). The real jungle and wilderness is much more attractive. Bejond the track you…

When the lights go down in Paradise

When the sky is almost clear in the late afternoon at the Beach in Sri Lanka you can watch an impressive and ambience sunset with all the beauty and colors mother nature has to offer. The most remarkable view and lightnings can you get when there are some little puffy clouds who change the color…

Good Morning Autumn Sunrise

It’s Not This Time of Year Without… Its one of the beautiful things in autumn that we can start in the day with such beautiful warm sunrise colors. When its cold and frosty outside, there is a little timeframe early in the morning where you can watch mother natures awakening in soft red colors, before…


Its so sad we had a such cloudy night yesterday in Bremen, but i shot the supermoon one day before its big appearance. Because i had no tripod the picture isn`t as great as it could have been, but i think it´s not too bad. I never tried it before to get a shot from…

Autumn has arrived

Winter is coming to Germany. With 2 degrees below zero nature is showing its whole beauty of autumn. 


Aufgenommen an einem letzten Ausflug ans Meer mit sommerlichen Temperaturen für dieses Jahr. Der Herbst ist da.  taken on a ecent trip to the beach with summer temperatures for this year. Autumn has arrived!    

Spider Web

Entdeckt auf einem Spaziergang an der Weser Richtung Bremer Innenstadt. Shot at the Weser at a walk to the city of Bremen. Inspired by the daily challenge to get a closer look on the Obvious.